February 17, 2021

Your Work Moved to Microsoft Teams; Why Shouldn’t Your Analytics?


Real-time analytics is critical to measure the effectiveness of new technology and evaluate the performance of teams. If you have made a significant investment in Microsoft Teams recently, you will need smart insights to ensure the roll-out success by gaining complete visibility on your collaboration ecosystem. Live and actionable reports are helpful to business leaders to catch the bottlenecks before it is too late and improve corporate productivity.

In Microsoft Teams, you get various reports to check users’ activities and engagement levels. However, business leaders still depend on IT experts to derive real-time analytics. This is because MS Teams provides static reports from separate admin centers with limited insights. Additionally, grouping them for further interpretation manually is an arduous process for administrators.

What if Microsoft Teams analytics is automated? Can a holistic dashboard be built to provide crucial insights for your Microsoft 365 usage and adoption?

TeamsHub by Cyclotron and analytics automation

Leveraging the power of automation, TeamsHub by Cyclotron offers you real-time reporting and analytics with measurable statistics for all your workloads including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Planner, etc. Automatic generation of Microsoft 365 reports replaces the manual process. So, all your reports are dynamic and available with a single click. Using TeamsHub by Cyclotron, you can also schedule reporting cycles on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Some of the key information that you can easily visualize using automated reports using TeamsHub by Cyclotron are –

  • Gauge the growth of teams by number count
  • Get a detailed view of teams
  • Get the list of most active users based on their communication activities
  • Detect inactive users who need more training and support
  • Detect of most active teams
  • Get guest count to monitor external collaboration
  • Identify device types and usage
  • Find out collaboration among cross-functional teams
  • Get details on your governance settings across different workloads

To learn more about data analytics and insights using TeamsHub by Cyclotron, please click here.


Companies today are seeking to adopt real-time analytics and reporting strategies to derive greater business benefits through better decision-making.

With this regard, TeamsHub by Cyclotron is designed as an all-in-one tool to automate, monitor, analyze and secure your collaboration environment. It provides you with rich and smart insights into Microsoft Office 365 environment in an intuitive dashboard. Thus, you can get actionable reports instantly, make intelligent decisions based on timely data, and identify serious anomalies to mitigate further damage.

To explore more about TeamsHub by Cyclotron, please visit https://teamshub.io or contact sales@cyclotrongroup.com to request a demo

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