April 14, 2021

Using real-time analytics for effective user management


Workplace analytics unlocks tremendous opportunities for business owners to improve the productivity and performance of their teams. We all know that Microsoft Teams is the central communication hub for many organizations across the globe today. However, the reports that it offers in its native portal are impractical for certain cases. You can’t view, assess and analyze them as soon as the data is generated in the system.

Why do you need real-time analytics?

Broadly, real-time analytics is important for two reasons. Firstly, organizations with a large number of teams need granular visibility on a user’s daily interactions. They also need to check the rise in interest as well as adoption levels in real-time for efficient user management.

Secondly, real-time analytics yields extraordinary results in terms of saving a significant amount of time and money. Businesses can react without delay by acting on new insights. Furthermore, using powerful and actionable reports, makes it easy to spot and resolve potential anomalies in advance, make remedial as well as data-driven decisions, and helps in staying ahead of the curve.

Recreate reports using Automation

Wouldn’t it be great to have an automated reporting tool to view all activities that happen not just inside Microsoft Teams but your entire Microsoft 365 tenant in a glance? With no second thought, TeamsHub by Cyclotron is the perfect solution for all your reporting and analytics requirements.

Generate automated reports live without having a specialist help create reports for you using Analytics offered by TeamsHub by Cyclotron.

Let us walk you through major offerings by Analytics using TeamsHub by Cyclotron to help you maximize reporting efficiency –

Enhance Microsoft 365 visibility

What’s unique about TeamsHub by Cyclotron is that it manages your entire Microsoft 365 tenant and allows you to view all information coming from different sources in one place. As a robust reporting tool, TeamsHub by Cyclotron integrates Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Planner, and other workloads to offer valuable insights in a single pane of glass.

To learn about the various types of automated reports that TeamsHub by Cyclotron offers, please click here.

Gather useful metrics

Identify critical metrics to track your Teams adoption rate. Derive plenty of details such as number of calls, chats, meetings and conversations per user, guest count, device usage, and various other activities across different workloads for in-depth analyses on Teams usage.

Create customizable reports

Use TeamsHub by Cyclotron Analytics to customize M365 reports and include only those elements that you want to view. Schedule delivery of reports to a user’s inbox at the time intervals of your choice. Generate reports in various formats like XML, JSON, etc. – all with a single mouse click!

M365 Usage Dashboard

Using the Microsoft 365 Usage Dashboard offered by TeamsHub by Cyclotron, determine which Office applications are most and least used by your organization, identify users who do not use certain apps and track the progress along with your Microsoft 365 deployment or transition to Teams from Skype for Business. Additionally, measure the volume of cloud storage in your organization and compare the ways of work using Microsoft 365 by different branches of your office.

Call Quality Dashboard (CQD)

Teams is fundamentally a chat and voice based collaboration platform for remote users. It must allow hassle-free communication for users to remain focus and productive. Bad audio and video quality plagues calling experiences and adversely impacts the organization. To overcome challenges in voice administration, use Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) using TeamsHub by Cyclotron to monitor the quality of calls, detect if any audio/video issues persist and optimize your network to improve its performance.


Today businesses need accurate and fast information more than ever to serve their employees better, and external stakeholders to gain an advantage over competitors. Let automation uncover the hidden cues behind aggregated data and generate meaningful insights to empower your users. So, use your data wisely and help your business function more efficiently using automated reports using TeamsHub by Cyclotron.

To know more about TeamsHub by Cyclotron, visit https://teamshub.io or contact sales@cyclotrongroup.com

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