May 25, 2021

Unveiling 5 distinct features of TeamsHUB by Cyclotron for simplified user experience


Administrators who proactively govern MS Teams environment are aware of its complexity when it comes to managing their daily tasks that are long and time-consuming. For instance, if a new user needs to be added to three or four teams simultaneously, there is no other way except adding that user one by one to all teams individually.

Automation is one such powerful opportunity that drives effectiveness at scale by faster execution of operations when used with Microsoft Teams. With this regard, considering simplification of the platform for user empowerment, TeamsHUB by Cyclotron leverages the power of automation for end-to-end coverage of administrative solutions for Microsoft Teams.

In this blog, we will brief out some interesting customizations in MS Teams by TeamsHUB by Cyclotron for easy ways of working. We will keep it limited to five very distinct and unique capabilities which we believe your IT team would love to incorporate in MS Teams. Let’s start:

1. Updating multiple teams in bulk

Just select any number of teams that need to get updated and fill in the details as per your requirement such as add/remove owner or member, apply sensitivity label, delete selected teams or include them all in a group or hub in ONE GO. Performing bulk updates like this with a visually attractive platform using TeamsHUB by Cyclotron is a much better way to manage teams; an important functionality not found in MS Teams.

2. Merging similar teams into one

Merging teams in another unique capability provided by TeamsHUB by Cyclotron. Here, you consolidate two or more teams into a single team and carry over all the data, channels, and artifacts such as permissions, guest members to the merged team. To do this, you just need to select source teams that you want to migrate and move it to the intended team, the destination. Besides, you can also schedule the merger of teams at a specified time, if not required instantly.

3. Creating hubs

You may want to create a group of teams based on a preferred or search criterion such as team name, tag, classification, etc. and frequently visit them for various operations. Once again, you won’t find this option in MS Teams. Thankfully, TeamsHUB by Cyclotron lets you create a group of teams called ‘hub’ by filtering out your favorite teams, for quick reference and discovery of content.

4. Classifying teams using tags and labels

Tags and labels help in the classification of teams and enhance your control around sensitive content to strengthen security. TeamsHUB by Cyclotron allows users to easily tag a team if it belongs to their department, location, or project for better organization and faster search.

Next, you can create and apply sensitivity labels to teams so that they can be appropriately classified based on confidentiality level. Sensitivity labels also protect the data along its journey. TeamsHUB by Cyclotron provides you one single interface to tag and/or labelize the content without navigating and configuring policies using multiple admin centers.

5. Custom site provision

If you ever need to create categories first before creating teams for high-level organization of teams, then use custom site provision. This allows you to create custom site type categories, custom site types and simplify site request forms to meet the needs of employees and clients quickly.

Using TeamsHUB by Cyclotron, the administrator can design the request process of creation of customized teams, sites, or groups in a manner that follows your business mandates.


We aim at automating MS Teams administration and process simplification to promote user engagement and empowerment. Removing unproductive and complex tasks with automated policies, TeamsHUB by Cyclotron fulfills diverse governance requirements of a company for enhanced collaboration.

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