May 20, 2021

Transforming Teams experience through TeamsHUB by Cyclotron


Microsoft Teams, when powered by automation, works as a perfect communication platform with an unbeatable experience.

Yes, it’s true that there are certain anomalies with the Teams default set-up which hinders Teams adoption in due course of time.

It has been discovered that the proliferation of teams, and information dissemination across various integrated apps give an unexpected rise in information overload, information loss, and many other complexities in Teams management.

This suggests that Microsoft Teams needs a robust framework to simplify and organize the environment. Hence, to resolve all the aforementioned concerns, we designed TeamsHUB by Cyclotron, a zero-code automation platform to automate all manual and repetitive Microsoft 365 or Office 365 tasks to empower users and boost productivity.

Further in this blog, we will learn about how TeamsHUB by Cyclotron resolves Teams problems and gives the best collaboration experience –

Discerning prominent challenges in MS Teams and solutions by TeamsHUB by Cyclotron

If you have seen your administrators getting stuck in one or more of the given situations, we have the right solutions for you –

1. “I have a crazy amount of teams in my Teams environment, I am unable to keep them organized!”

What if the team creation process is simplified? Let us tell you a secret to Teams adoption – you must not disable this service. Rather, use an alternative approach in such a way that end-users get the freedom to create teams and enjoy collaboration while being under administrative control backed by automation. Yes, TeamsHUB by Cyclotron exactly does the same!

It provides users with a dynamic request form whenever they create teams and send it for admin approval to ensure that it is going to serve your business purpose. Additionally, TeamsHUB by Cyclotron offers automated management of the lifecycle of teams to unclutter your Teams environment and for better organization of teams, you must not let them sit idle.

2. “I wish I could update multiple teams in a single attempt!”

This one is really difficult for admins to tackle. When there are a large number of teams to edit concurrently, there is no other way in MS Teams than to update them one by one.

Thankfully, using TeamHUB by Cyclotron, you can get this job done in just a few clicks. The ability to update teams in bulk is one of the most demanding functionalities we offer to our clients.

3. “I need better tools to grab insights into Teams environment in real-time!”

Switching to different admin portals to collect reports is always tedious. In MS Teams, you need a more practical solution to be able to aggregate and analyze data in real-time.

TeamsHUB by Cyclotron allows you to produce actionable reports through powerful analytics and advanced data visualization without any manual efforts. To make the administrator’s job easy, you can now view and analyze all activities using an intuitive dashboard. M365 environment in real-time with a single click and make best decisions to eliminate potential mishaps.

4. “Searching for a team or document is a time-consuming process!”

Teams lack a consistent naming structure. Hence, two or more teams with the same name can exist. Apparently, this creates confusion and difficulty in sorting and searching specific teams and information attached to it.

To resolve it, TeamsHUB by Cyclotron provides policies to properly name, tag, label, and classify teams to eliminate teams redundancy and increase visibility. Moreover, you can easily find specific teams based on certain criteria. Also, with the help of filters, you can narrow down your search and create a hub of resultant teams of your choice, to refer to instantly or anytime without wasting time.

Also, admins can manage individual teams seamlessly through tiles view from a single pane. With TeamsHUB by Cyclotron, it is also possible to merge teams that share the same purpose for enhanced user experience.

5. “Sensitive content gets exposed as external users are added to teams!”

In Microsoft Teams, teams are open to invite all external or guest users such as clients, vendors, contractors, etc. On gaining access, external users can chat, share resources and create tasks like any other team member. On the other side, if the administrator disables this service entirely, then the end-user may choose an alternate method or unauthorized application to perform the same task.

TeamsHUB by Cyclotron provides an established system for external collaboration using which you can take control of your sensitive data and protect it from being misused. It allows administrators to initiate an approval system whenever guests are invited, disable teams to invite unauthorized external users from specified domains, and also limit their capabilities to access certain resources.

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