December 06, 2020

Supercharge MS Teams productivity using automation


The extensibility of Microsoft Teams makes it an extraordinary feature, the benefits of which go beyond streamlining communication and collaboration. By automating business processes, provisioning, and workflows, Teams can be turned into a powerhouse of productivity by –

  • Preventing wastage of resources
  • Optimizing overall utilization
  • Promoting efficient use of manpower
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Improving business process efficiency
  • Enhancing collaboration
  • Accelerating job performance

Automation simplifies administration which is the key to productive employees. Furthermore, various business processes that can be streamlined with the power of Microsoft Teams automation include:

  • Document management
  • Teams or groups management
  • Workflow automation
  • Task alerts via email
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Payment reminders
  • Newsletters, mails, and alerts
  • Document review and approval
  • Management of employee requests
  • External communications and access management
  • HR processes
  • Application of business rules
  • Data tracking
  • Voice routing

Today, a multitude of companies from various industries are witnessing the revolutionization of their digital workplace with Microsoft Teams process automation. Using Microsoft Teams automation software like TeamsHub by Cyclotron, companies can bring an ultimate level of efficiency and empower teams.

Wonder how Microsoft Teams automation drives productivity?

Let us see how companies can multiply the power of Microsoft Teams with automation and solve their business challenges faster:

MS Teams productivity tips with automation

1. By automating Teams creation process, companies can provide self-service to users to create teams within compliance by utilizing an approval system such as dynamic forms and external workflows. This helps in preventing the uncontrolled growth of teams.

2. By automating naming schemes, companies can eliminate duplication of teams and content. This way it gets easy for users to locate information and search specific teams.

3. By automating the lifecycle management of teams, companies can maintain resources and draw full value out of them. Keeping unnecessary teams segregated from the active pool of teams helps in maintaining the health of the Teams environment, enhances visibility, and eliminates confusion.

4. By automating reporting, companies can generate real-time insights into teams’ activities, usage, and performance. This helps in visualizing potential issues that may arise in the future and making quick and smart business decisions.

5. By automating guest access, companies can enable collaboration with guest users at various levels. You can also track and revoke shared files or documents on the detection of a suspicious activity anytime. This ensures team members to collaborate with people outside of your organization securely without leaking sensitive information.

6. By automating MS Teams and other Office 365 workloads such as SharePoint, Yammer, Planner, and Project Online, companies can be given one single platform to complete their job, who need to work across different applications.


As humans are bound to make mistakes, automation ensures that all your business processes are completely error-free and collaboration is smooth.

You can integrate Microsoft Teams with third-party automation software such as TeamsHub by Cyclotron anytime. Also, because businesses today need to be extra-competitive, TeamsHub by Cyclotron simplifies governance to reach business goals faster by multiplying productivity in effortless ways. Empower creative teams and let them deliver high performance now!

If you want to know more about how automation using TeamsHub by Cyclotron helps to increase workplace productivity, please visit our website or contact to request a demo

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