May 23, 2022

ServiceNow Integration with TeamsHub by Cyclotron


HR and IT services got huge relief when ServiceNow introduced chatbot builder technology called Virtual Agent. As we know it, Virtual Agent, powered by automation, resolves issues just like an IT help desk.

TeamsHub by Cyclotron has taken an effort further to incorporate ServiceNow platform to deliver an unparalleled user experience. Interestingly, a bot-driven process is a great way out to handle unending routine queries by users. Using ServiceNow, developers can build conversational interfaces for common service requests which helps in reducing call volumes. And as a result, it scales across business and reduces costs.

Benefits of using ServiceNow with TeamsHub by Cyclotron

Now, let’s take a quick walkthrough to some important advantages of using ServiceNow with TeamsHub by Cyclotron:

  • Firstly, ServiceNow chatbot is meant to simplify end-users’ task.
  • Secondly, the smart chatbot raises incidents or requests on user’s behalf.
  • Thirdly, it is not only understands your issues but also provides you with solutions intelligently.
  • Fourthly, users get instant assistance by simply choosing some options provided by chatbot without filling out long forms and lists.
  • Next, managers can request for analytics and reports without traversing through menus on portal.
  • Lastly, the support is available to you 24*7!

Thankfully, if you are using MS Teams as your messaging platform, TeamsHub by Cyclotron can let you integrate ServiceNow in just couple of minutes. You can simply install and integrate ServiceNow using a connector with TeamsHub by Cyclotron. Using Virtual Agent Designer in ServiceNow, you can define the topic flow with user inputs, bot responses and actions performed by a bot.

Moreover, the interface is user and mobile friendly. Additionally, TeamsHub by Cyclotron overcomes Teams limitations with ServiceNow such as:

  1. HTML content and cards are displayed in the form of image.
  2. For connection, one-time authentication is required which cannot be automated for all users.
  3. As both the platforms, MS Teams and ServiceNow are interdependent, an upgrade in one platform might affect the other.


TeamsHub by Cyclotron makes the human-bot collaboration seamless. Let not legacy service management systems hinder your service delivery and business operations. Give your developers the power to explore bot creation and options to extend its capability using ServiceNow with TeamsHub by Cyclotron.

Use TeamsHub by Cyclotron and allow bots optimize your workflows to improve engagement, speed up business decisions and accelerate project efficiency.

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