August 27, 2020

Security, CISOs and TeamsHub by Cyclotron


Cybersecurity becomes critical as technology grows and becomes complex year after year. An exponential increase in cloud-based applications and the proliferation of mobile devices need increased governance and security policies enforcement. CISOs today need to operate with greater responsibilities to prevent any breach in an internal network of an organization that gives hackers a foothold to infiltrate their public cloud and get easy access to their applications and data. Such issues, if remain hidden for months without detection can pose an even greater threat.

In response to cybersecurity challenges, it is common now to see CISOs creating roadmaps for information and infrastructure protection as well as deploying solutions that align with and meet the business goals.

Now, let us discuss some of the most daunting threats CISOs have faced in recent years and what they can do to keep everything secure:

Threat #1: Data leaks

The most pervasive and common cyber issue that keeps unnerving CISOs is a data leak. Today, mega data breaches are costing companies hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide. Hackers exploit vulnerabilities to invade business systems with every new avenue of attacks such as exploiting loopholes in security protocols, compromised credentials, or reckless actions of employees,

Tip for CISOs: A proactive monitoring of the organization from a variety of fronts can help CISOs in gaining an unprecedented level of visibility. Effective solutions to block or prevent access to sensitive data and track user behavior such as device type usage, numbers of files shared, etc. can greatly prevent potential damage.

Threat #2: Identity and access management

Weak passwords, lack of multifactor authentication, failure to automate identity and access management lifecycle, etc. enable attackers to gain unauthorized access to data causing catastrophic damage to organizations.

Tip for CISOs: CISOs need scalable solutions to manage identities and access permissions to applications and resources. Proper security measures and enforcement policies must be put in place to meet regulatory and audit requirements and validate different types of users. Centralizing an automated solution will not only allow better control over all IT assets but will also make administration easier.

Threat #3: Insecure APIs implementations

APIs expose application logic for third-party access, yet most organizations and users fail to adequately secure the cloud keys and sensitive data. This creates a wide surface for hackers to steal an organization’s valuable information, cause DoS (Denial-of-Service) attacks and exploit computing infrastructure.

Tip for CISOs: CISOs need an efficient security program that follows best practices for API security to keep the ecosystem sealed off from hackers. It must have built-in security controls for API management which can help in detecting the unauthorized installation of APIs. Additionally, to strengthen API security, CISOs can use API gateways for run-time security management and vulnerability detection during the design and development of applications.

Threat #4: Ransomware attacks

Ransomware or malware encrypts files after infecting the system or network and blocks the access of files. Once a malware intrudes a system, it keeps spreading rapidly infecting an array of devices until the entire infrastructure comes to a standstill. This lets hackers demand a ransom for unlocking them.

Tip for CISOs: CISOs must use an authentic ransomware detection and recovery program that supports incident response plans and automated backups to locate and remove malware and restore systems. The program must also include end-to-end email encryption to ensure emails remain with the intended audience and anti-spam solutions to stop phishing emails to reach the network.

How CISOs can safeguard information without fail

Every organization is unique for its needs. Additionally, the millennial generation wants more freedom and access. As such, incorrect security mechanisms become motivational barriers for employees slowing down their performance. To deal with a multitude of complex applications, databases, entry points, users, servers, and more, CISOs need an all-in-one cloud solution to balance productivity with security.

Centralizing security is challenging, Microsoft and Cyclotron can help CISOs in the cloud transformation journey by creating a safe balance between the constraints of existing policy/compliance and the improved security posture through cloud platforms. Some of the security features of Microsoft Teams in particular can be found in the article link.

Why choose TeamsHub by Cyclotron for information management and security

Though good in theory, too much security in practice causes employees to disregard new systems which repels adoption, impedes employees’ ability to do their jobs and hampers productivity.

For this reason, TeamsHub by Cyclotron is meticulously designed to support organizations and government agencies by modernizing security, fostering collaboration, and enhancing employee engagement.

TeamsHub by Cyclotron extends the capabilities of Microsoft Teams to streamline governance and enhance productivity by leveraging the power of automation to allow freedom with control.

Let us gain more clarity on how TeamsHub by Cyclotron can help government officials such as CISOs to empower enterprise ecosystem:

  • As TeamsHub by Cyclotron is built on top of Microsoft Teams, it follows critical security hygiene, Microsoft cybersecurity reference architecture, cybersecurity resilience, Internet of Things (IoT), and operational tech.
  • TeamsHub by Cyclotron provides control over your hybrid enterprise estate with integrated guidance, automated policy enforcement, and monitoring.
  • By automating governance and site provisioning, TeamsHub by Cyclotron allows powerful collaboration features to teams and groups while keeping risks in checks with inbuilt mechanisms.
  • As a single point of entry, TeamsHub by Cyclotron provides a unified interface and advanced search to increase visibility and eliminate teams’ sprawl which helps in organizing content and searching it easily.
  • TeamsHub by Cyclotron offers powerful visualization through an intuitive dashboard and strong analytics to collect insights on user activities, project progress, external access, resource utilization, etc.
  • TeamsHub by Cyclotron utilizes an effective access strategy to protect corporate data inside and outside of the organization while exchanging information with external collaborators.
  • For enhanced security, TeamsHub by Cyclotron provides automatic provisioning of Information Rights Management (IRM) policies and can be integrated with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies. This helps in the identification of sensitive information with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies and by using sensitivity labels and secure valuable assets through conditional access.


Cyberthreats and attacks have continued to plague security leaders. Considering the grave challenges that CISOs face, TeamsHub by Cyclotron helps them to become drivers of overall risk management strategies in business by improving their security posture and collaboration for unparalleled user experience.

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