Remote Collaboration: Transforming MS Teams for the next level experience

Reinvent digital collaboration using and build high performing remote teams to deliver exceptional user engagement and productivity.

Redesign existing digital infrastructure for safe collaboration.

Establish a flexible remote work policy that suits everyone.

Prevent employee isolation using innovative technology for real-time collaboration

Rethink diversity and culture to bring people with variable expertise on board.

Analyze teamwork and performance through tracking and monitoring.

Build highly engaged teams to work efficiently no matter where they are

Chat, conversations and meetings

Chat one-on-one or in a group, format messages, create channels as a discussion board, share and access conversation, meet using video etc. Use @mentions and other indicators to highlight posts and ensure the information is not missed by your team.

Seamless document collaboration

Let your employees communicate flawlessly, exchange ideas via chat, calls, meetings, etc., and get answers to their questions quickly. Gather a team around a task, add tabs for files, apps, and services, co-edit a file, or share screen to collaborate in real-time and enable faster task completion.

Task management

Track progress of schedule tasks for a project using task management apps such as Planner. Easily allocate tasks to every user in a team and follow along with the completion. Also, exchange calendars and emails for effective time tracking.

Monitor adoption

Grab granular details of your Office 365 tenant in just a click. Evaluate collaboration success using automated reporting. Catch insights into teams’ performance, platform usage and adoption in real-time using powerful dashboard.

Enhance collaboration experience on Teams for greater engagement

Integrate productivity apps

Use productivity apps such as Polly, Wiki, Trello, Conversational bots, etc., to help users stay focused in one place and do not switch to other applications for their specific requirements.

Intranet on Teams

Enhance internal communications using a dynamic corporate intranet. Equip your employees with all business tools at one place to build transparency and keep them updated in real-time. Create an ambiance of socialization and fun to ensure active participation.

Intelligent assistants

Use bots to request leave or vacation, zero touch workflows like site request, get answers to HR related questions, discover company announcements, get paired with a random member for a casual meet-up, and more to elevate user experience.

Self-training portal

Access ready-made instructional videos, help library and more to get instant answers on trending topics and let users reskill or upskill themselves using crisp content to deliver on organizational goals.

Implement better controls on Teams and let teams work together & grow without reducing productivity levels using

Streamline governance to reduce chaos

Remove teams outgrowth upheaval by automating MS Teams governance and give users the peace of mind to create teams and enjoy collaboration.

Simplify administration for greater experience

Eliminate the need of complex scripting, efficiently manage all workloads from a single interface and save hours of repetitive work by automating the platform.

Converge all workloads in a single platform

Provide a common platform for user’s favorite tools, enhance user focus, and prevent unauthorized app downloads.

Liberate users to explore features & innovate

Activate self-service provisioning and let users use functionalities freely under organizational perimeters to boost adoption.

Automated notifications

Improve communication with automated notifications, alerts, or emails. Personalize newsletters and prepare announcements for sharing important updates easily.

Voice routing

Deploy a user-friendly interface for creating, testing and troubleshooting direct routing configuration to bridge voice calling gaps and make it simple and efficient using automation.

Enhance discoverability of content

Follow teams nomenclature to classify teams accurately. Avoid content duplication and increase visibility. Use advance filters for better search.

Advance analytics & reporting

Gauge workforce productivity using smart analytics. Get inventory, usage, and adoption reports in real-time and detect collaboration issues instantly.