January 03, 2021

Plan for Governance in MS Teams using TEAMSHUB.IO


Planning for MS Teams governance is a crucial step towards successful user adoption and management of organizational assets. Purpose of governance is to create an inclusive and a shared workspace where users can collaborate reliably and securely.

Also, MS Teams is loaded with powerful features to implement governance as per organizational needs. We, at Cyclotron, understand that capabilities of governance differs from organization to organization. Hence, we aim to build a solid governance plan for you, as per your business requirements, to derive full benefits from MS Teams deployment.

So, if you are planning to migrate to MS Teams or have already migrated, let us help you further in designing an ideal governance framework across your MS Teams platform using governance automation tool, TeamsHub.io, to maximize your workforce efficiency and boost ROI.

Check Out the Decision Points for MS Teams Governance and Solutions by TeamsHub.io

When you plan your policies and processes around Teams governance, you need to determine whether –

1. Your organization needs to limit who can create a team

Solutions by TeamsHub.io:

2. Your organization requires a specific naming convention

Solutions by TeamsHub.io:

  • Standardize naming policies using indicators such as department, location, project etc. and abbreviations.
  • Create a list of custom blocked words for maintaining a cleaner environment in MS Teams.
  • Categorize teams for easier management of teams.
  • Enhance discoverability and prevent duplication of teams.

3. Your organization needs to control collaboration with external partners

Solutions by TeamsHub.io:

4. Your users need the ability to assign an organization specific classification to teams

Solutions by TeamsHub.io:

  • Classify teams using tags to clarify the purpose of teams.
  • Regulate access to critical organizational content created by defining sensitivity labels and associated policies.

5. Your organization needs strong protection around shared files and data security

Solutions by TeamsHub.io:

  • Enable external file sharing to keep track of files and documents exchanged while external collaboration.
  • Detect any malicious activity and revoke or stop access to confidential corporate files.
  • Use M365 security tools such as eDiscovery, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), etc., to protect sensitive information.
  • Prevent data leakages at insecure endpoints using device and app management.

6. Your organization needs to manage lifecycle of teams

Solutions by TeamsHub.io:

7. Your organization needs insights into Teams adoption success

Solutions by TeamsHub.io:

Let TeamsHub.io automate MS Teams governance, simplify administration, empower your workforce to crack your business goals faster, and supercharge productivity.

To know more about TeamsHub.io, visit https://teamshub.io or contact sales@cyclotrongroup.com

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