September 01, 2020

Phone Number Management using TeamsHub by Cyclotron


Businesses are progressively adopting unified communications and collaboration platforms to gain a competitive edge in the market. We all know that Microsoft Teams has successfully revived business communication infrastructure with its many utility features – Voice, Video, Meetings, and IM. Yet, managing too many telephone numbers in a dynamic environment across multiple and disparate Voice and UC vendors and system types seem to be a costly issue here.

Many organizations still follow old-fashioned ways like using spreadsheets and other manual processes to organize phone numbers. Eventually, this causes communication failures and unwanted expenses due to the presence of obsolete numbers in the database or easily running out of numbers or purchasing numbers in excess.

Voice administration by TeamsHub by Cyclotron

Thankfully, TeamsHub by Cyclotron eliminates manual management techniques by automating complex tasks of phone number management regardless of the vendor platform, number of systems, system types, or number formats. TeamsHub by Cyclotron extends Teams functionality by allowing the import of phone numbers that exist in the organization and easily assign them to users, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and so on – all through a unified interface.

Furthermore, let’s take a look at how TeamsHub by Cyclotron helps in phone number management and makes voice administration simple and effective for administrators.

How to access and use Number Management

Using TeamsHub by Cyclotron, you can assign, change, remove or search a phone number for a user or specific area in your organization. Here, phone numbers purchased from one or more vendors, kept in a file such as Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets, can be imported to assign to an office entity. To do this, go to ‘Teams’ in the left side menu bar and select ‘Voice’. Then, click ‘Number Management’ to open the panel on the right. If you have not assigned any number to any entity, then click ‘Import CSV File’ where you have enlisted the phone numbers.

Next, enter a phone number by clicking ‘Add Number’ to assign to one of the following entities:

  • User
  • Common Area No.
  • Auto Attendants
  • Call Queues
  • Meeting Rooms

Alternatively, you can select an unassigned number from the list that is displayed by clicking the ‘Unassigned’ link at the very end of the row.


TeamsHub by Cyclotron helps an enterprise in reducing operational expenses and increasing accuracy while dealing with number issues. You can eliminate the frustration of organizing phone numbers by manual methods, paying for numbers you don’t need, or running low of available numbers. TeamsHub by Cyclotron allows you to derive the full benefits of emerging trends in unified communications by providing you a holistic voice and collaboration solution.

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