May 23, 2022

Microsoft’s New Productivity Score and Workplace Tracking


Microsoft improves its ‘Productivity Score’ by introducing a new feature to get better workplace insights. This enables employers to see which Microsoft 365 product is used most by users. They can also detect for how long a user was active on MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, SharePoint, Teams, etc., in a given time period and on what type of device.

What is Productivity Score?

Productivity Score feature offered by Microsoft helps organizations visualize how their digital transformation journey is progressing on a dashboard. It offers metrics to analyse the usage of Microsoft 365 products by employees and collaboration on content.

It helps you to understand the employee experience in five categories: content collaboration, meetings, communication, teamwork, and mobility. You also need to see how technology can better assist you in optimizing productivity. That’s why you also get visibility into your technology experience focusing on your endpoints, network connectivity, and Microsoft 365 apps.

Lastly, Productivity Score assists you in enabling everyone to do their best work by taking action. This is through actions like optimizing your client configurations and implementing end-user training to help people understand the benefit of a specific feature, or documentation that enables you to optimize Microsoft 365 services’ configuration.

In a nutshell, Productivity Score provides end-to-end visibility to check how an organization works and how people and technology experiences can be improved to meet organizational goals.

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Since remote work gained prominence in recent years, usage of employee monitoring tools became a viable business practice to check employee engagement. Thankfully, organizations that deployed Microsoft Teams could accelerate productivity in critical times. Yet, we believed that automation would do wonders by simplifying employee management in MS Teams and take employee experience to next level. Hence, we designed, an automated Teams platform, which easily removes all productivity and engagement barriers in MS Teams and saves administrators from tons of unnecessary workloads.

Considering the vitality of employee engagement in business success, enables employees thrive in digital workspace. As all-in-one collaboration solution, it helps employees to stay focused at one place by providing all critical tools and apps together.

Workplace Insights by

We know that MS Teams provides various reports on usage patterns and team activities from multiple admin centers. While this may work well for small-sized organizations, deriving complex reports for larger organizations is typically hard. As there is no user-friendly way to do this, administrators would generally use various APIs and PowerShell cmdlets to deliver reports faster.

Using powerful analytics in, administrators can discover anything about remote-enabled workplace in no time. The reporting dashboard is available with a modern interface that provides a quick view on adoption covering all aspects of Teams.

By visualizing graphically appealing and AI-powered reports on inventory, auditing, governance, usage, statistics, etc., it’s easy to spot workplace trends, monitor performance and optimize team collaboration using data-driven insights in real-time. With the power of automation, can proactively identify communication gaps, security issues, adoption declivity, call quality issues, etc. This gives opportunities to businesses to work around challenges and re-create better experiences for teams.

To read more about advanced analytics feature and all types of reports that offers, please click here.

Elevating employee engagement

Highly engaged employees are the most creative and proactive in workplace. However, employee engagement is not easily quantifiable, especially if teams are working remotely. Hence, it’s critical to have right collaboration software in place. Along with centralizing communication, a collaboration software must have important engagement features to keep workforce productive all the time.

We understand the relationship between employee engagement and team performance. Hence, we created to not just offer the capability to measure engagement level but also boost engagement. In an endeavour to do so, integrates dynamic intranet within Microsoft Teams to create an inclusive culture which improves participation and fosters a sense of belonging.

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