Accelerate your Microsoft 365 adoption with anytime, anywhere training

Our self-service video portal helps you drive Microsoft 365 adoption (previously Office 365) workloads such as Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Outlook to improve your organization’s productivity and increase human efficiency

Quick setup and easy use Microsoft Teams adoption and training portal

Reduce support and training costs without compromising on quality using our self service, on demand training portal for Microsoft 365  (previously Office 365) portal for Microsoft 365  (previously Office 365)

Access a ready-made video and help library for Microsoft 365  workloads from Microsoft & Cyclotron Access a ready-made video and help library for Microsoft 365  workloads from Microsoft & Cyclotron

Quickly find what you need with search or browse to accelerate Microsoft  Teams and Microsoft Office 365 adoption for other workloads such as Teams, SharePoint, Outlook and OneDrive


Self-help curriculum for your organization, delivered with exceptional white-glove service and support

Ensure that your employees are up-to-date with the latest technology trends to meet increasing consumer demands and globalization in businesses.

Build and maintain a highly proficient workforce – upskill and reskill them with timely training to meet the organization’s goals.

With the availability of Microsoft 365 training library integrated in our platform, we make it easy for users to search and learn multiple topics on their own.

We have bite-size content, tips & tricks, video tutorials and more on how to use multiple Microsoft 365 workloads such as Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, Power Platform and Planner integrated on our robust and scalable platform for your users. offers multiple features built in to simplify MS Teams adoption and achieve excellence.

Quick Clips

Get employees online and speed productivity with quick clips

Fifteen seconds to  thirty seconds ‘how-to’ clips  help employees with specific tasks such as joining a meeting, attending a live Teams event and uploading & sharing files


Detailed Training Video

Share more in-depth training with detailed twenty to thirty minutes instruction videos

Available, on demand 24×7. Learn on your schedule on a variety of topics around Microsoft Office 365 adoption for workloads such as Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, Yammer and OneDrive

TeamsHub Adopt Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Beginners as well as experts can learn new tips and tricks to speed up daily work for Microsoft Office 365 workloads such as Teams, SharePoint, Outlook and OneDrive.

Let employees refer hand-picked articles from experts to provide a valuable information backed up with fresh ideas and reliable instructions

Profile Preferences

Profiles and preferences

Adjust profiles and preferences to accelerate Microsoft 365  (previously Office 365) training and MS Teams adoption work just the way you want it to.

Adoption Reporting Tracking

Gain insights with tracking and reporting

Measure the popularity of each resource and review employee learning journeys

Language Support

We support all the languages available in the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications to foster and enable a culture of learning anywhere in the world and thus accelerate Microsoft Office 365 adoption of workloads such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, OneDrive, Planner  etc.

Supported Languages*provided by

Maximize the value of Microsoft Office 365 and actively engage your employees in the platform from day one

Our adoption platform is designed with a personalized approach to familiarize users with MS Teams and solutions to improve ways of working. We help organizations to deploy Microsoft Teams with concrete adoption strategies. We remove migration hurdles and provide structure to Teams for long-term usage.

Security enhancements

Configure governance settings and improve protection and privacy of data. Let external collaboration be safeguarded with necessary security controls, design better permission model, mitigate data loss and improve content visibility to increase adoption.

Simplify Teams

Redesign Teams interface to make it easier and intuitive. Use to enable users to learn Teams quickly and perform simplest of the tasks faster. Also, define new ways of work and processes to be operated, minimize duplication of efforts by leveraging automation and keep the chaos at bay.

Monitor and enhance

Quantify user behaviour and monitor Office 365 adoption using advanced analytics. Maintain high adoption rate with continuous monitoring on the usage of Office 365. Detect any abnormality or sluggishness that may arise after a long period of time instantly. Gain clear picture on user work habits and ensure that they are using best practices for Microsoft Office 365 adoption using Gauge all communication and collaboration activities in real-time and visualize scope of improvement without delay.

End user productivity features

Drive employee engagement using productivity features to make onboarding less painful and improve Microsoft Teams adoption rate. Integrate smart bots with Teams to increase user interaction with the platform, improve real-time experiences to unlock additional productivity and quickly scale Teams adoption. Provide instant access to unbiased information to employees, save their time and effort and span virtual collaboration.

Avoid Teams sprawl

Use to detect replicated teams or abandoned teams automatically and prevent inadvertent growth of teams and intertwined workspaces. Define an intelligent way to streamline team creation and let users make right choices when creating a team.

Create learning opportunities and let employees discover easy tricks to manage their daily tasks effectively

Integrate robust adoption strategies to make change less stressful and reduce efforts to increase end user satisfaction.

Resolve recurring onboarding issues with updated training materials with answers to real-world problems such as how to access or complete a task, etc.

Make training content easily accessible for users through handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets and empower users with a sense of control and ability to schedule training around anytime.

Drive user focus to specific information and company’s objectives and interests by providing a central repository for quick access to all resources and tools.

Track adoption and usage rate effectively, get a clear picture on how employees are using MS Teams to achieve their daily goals and analyse ways to enhance training.

Combine experiential and self-directed leaning together to make training more effective and make the platform more engaging.

Collate user’s favourite apps in one platform, minimize distraction and decrease time to complete business tasks to boost adoption.

Double down on governance and revolutionize Microsoft Office 365 transition journey with

Ensure that all your employees effectively interact at one place without losing files or data to improve Office 365 adoption. centralizes all your content within Microsoft Office 365 and organizes them for easy access and efficient search.

Use proactive approach to protect corporate data while in rest or in transit using

Automate MS Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, Planner, and other Office workloads to enhance efficiency to boost Microsoft Office 365 adoption.

Speed up spring cleaning efforts, and maintain data hygiene by disposing corrupted, redundant, or stale data to avoid errors and bad experience.

Customize Teams as per user needs and streamline workflows and processes to improve efficiency and strengthen cross-team collaboration.

Offer an intuitive interface and zero programming platform to help your employees focus on more tasks that need human cognitive skills and raise Microsoft Teams adoption.

Reduce the risk of project implementation failure by automated solutions and remove hidden barriers for low adoption rate.

Leverage time, resources, and freedom to employees to focus on productive and creative tasks.

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