December 21, 2020

M365 Usage dashboard enablement by TeamsHub by Cyclotron


In an existing bias to remote work, it is critical for organizations, more than ever, to effectively measure employee experience and engagement for business success. To do this, there is no better way than using analytics and reporting to get visibility on your Microsoft 365 or M365 (previously Office 365 or O365) environment and watch your ROI soar.

M365 Usage Analytics

Microsoft provides rich analytical capabilities for an organization to measure their Cloud Office overall adoption progress. By utilizing Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics in Power BI, one can get actionable insights across all Microsoft 365 workloads such as Teams, SharePoint Online, Exchange, Yammer, Skype for Business and so on.

With accurate and timely reports, you can analyze the status of your Microsoft 365 deployment and measure the levels of employee engagement with end-to-end monitoring. This is particularly helpful in identifying the surfacing issues in communication and collaboration and whether employees need more training and motivational leadership to make headway.

TeamsHub by Cyclotron, analytics and product adoption

To derive personalized insights about your business, TeamsHub by Cyclotron customizes your reports by connecting them to other data sources using intelligent analysis by Power BI. TeamsHub by Cyclotron offers a perfect summarization and customization of remote working activities and user behaviour in an operational dashboard to produce a comprehensive view of Microsoft 365 usage – all from a single interface.

So, using Microsoft 365 Usage dashboard in TeamsHub by Cyclotron, you can:

  • Determine which Office applications are most and least used by your organization
  • Identify users who do not use certain apps
  • Track the progress along your Microsoft 365 deployment or transition to Teams from Skype for Business
  • Measure the volume of cloud storage in your organization
  • Compare the ways of work using Microsoft 365 by different branches of your office

Now, let us dive a little deeper to see how TeamsHub by Cyclotron makes it easy for you to track trends about the use of various applications and services in your organization at a glance –

M365 (O365) Usage dashboard breakdown

TeamsHub by Cyclotron gives you access to a pre-built dashboard on Microsoft 365 usage analytics and provides a cross-product view of the last 12 months. The dashboard is updated dynamically and assembles different components to help you to visualize new metrics on teamwork and collaboration are:

1. Executive Summary

The Executive Summary report is especially used by business decision makers to catch a quick look on the usage patterns in Office products and how employees are collaborating with each other. This report is a high-level view of Microsoft 365 for Business adoption, usage, mobility, communication, collaboration, and storage reports. It shows how individual services are being used, based on enabled and active users.

2. Overview

The Overview report consolidates other reports and to access them, you need to click a relevant tab on top of the page. They are –


The Adoption report shows an all-up picture of adoption trends and how a Microsoft 365 product usage has changed over time. The report contains data for various metrics such as enabled users, active users, first time users, cumulative active users, etc., for overall Office 365 suite. This helps to identify the applications where users are actively involved and where they need additional training to accelerate adoption.


The Usage report shows the volume of active users and the key activities for each application for the last 12 months. Using this report, you can detect number of active users for each application and activities being performed to compare the trends across all Microsoft 365 services.


The Communication report shows how users in your organization are using various communication techniques. Using this report, you can track the way how your employees are co-operating with peers using Exchange, Teams, Skype for Business or Yammer to get work done and how well they are transitioning from Skype for Business to Teams by analyzing their participation in communication-related activities such as chats and meetings.


The Collaboration report shows how your employees use OneDrive and SharePoint to store documents and collaborate with each other, and how these trends progress month over month. Using this report, you can also view how many users share documents within and outside of your organization and how many SharePoint sites or OneDrive accounts are actively being used.


The Storage report shows the amount of cloud storage utilized over Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint sites. Using this report, you can ensure that users must not exceed storage limits as per business mandates or decide to purchase if your organization needs more storage resources for collaboration.


The Mobility report is used to track apps and devices, your employees use to access Exchange, and Teams, Skype for Business or Yammer for communication.

2. Activating/Licensing

The Activation/Licensing report shows a complete overview on Microsoft 365 activation. This report is used to see how many users have been assigned licenses under Microsoft subscription by your organization. Hence, you can find how many users have downloaded and activated Office apps.

3. Product Usage

The Product Usage report shows specific usage details for each individual application or product such as Exchange, Teams, Skype for Business, etc., separately. Each report displays total enabled vs. total active user reports, entities counts such as mailboxes, sites, groups, and accounts, as well as activity type reports where appropriate.

4. User Activity

The User Activity report shows user-level detail usage data combined with Active Directory attributes. Using this report, you can see active users across all individual applications or products available in your organization.

Is Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics freely available?

Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics is a very powerful and useful service to gain intelligent insights into user adoption success but there is a slight misconception about consuming it freely. The truth is, to be able to access usage reports, all users need Power BI Professional licenses that demand some fees (currently $9.99/month/user). However, if you have TeamsHub by Cyclotron, you need a single enterprise one-time license to create workspaces, incorporate reports and utilize a myriad of Microsoft’s amazing services for all your users.


We have seen how interactive reporting and usage analytics using TeamsHub by Cyclotron can help businesses to learn technology effectiveness and improve business operations by driving adoption. TeamsHub by Cyclotron enables you to draw extensive information about your Microsoft 365 tenant and decipher current usage patterns across a range of workloads by integrating M365 Usage dashboard.

The good thing is, without setting up Power BI reports and navigating multiple interfaces or tools, administrators can access the usage dashboard from one single interface using TeamsHub by Cyclotron. Moreover, based on your organization’s preferences, TeamsHub by Cyclotron further lets you customize the dashboard to visualize it the way you want.

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