Unleash collaboration for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Enable digital transformation with cost-effective solutions to overcome both, clinical and operational challenges. We redefine the way your organization collaborates across all features of the life sciences universe.

Enhance healthcare infrastructure and services with Microsoft Teams

Reduce your drug development time by using Teamshub.io collaboration platform built for Microsoft 365 by streamlining  processes, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance

Help save time and resources by improving collaboration among healthcare teams, share patient data across departments and external vendors with secure access, streamline existing workflows, and make more informed decisions.


Protect sensitive information with enhanced security to guard against attacks and support compliance with more than 90 global, national, regional, and industry-specific regulations.

Create digital hubs based on medical specialties, improve patient care processes, with  self service capabilities to optimize patient care while reducing costs and protecting data with security and compliance tools


We deliver a modern and HIPAA compliant collaboration solution

Adhere to federal standards

Establish HIPAA compliant collaboration platform that also adheres to other federal standards like Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST), Service Organization Controls (SOC) 1 and 2, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and more so that you can work effectively with confidence.

Being fully HIPAA compliant, TeamsHub.io secures healthcare data such as personal and financial information of patients to enable physicians, hospitals, health insurers, etc., deliver coordinated and high-quality patient care. Using TeamsHub.io as a secure messaging platform, healthcare professionals can easily share confidential health data remotely and securely without violating any laws.

Protect digital healthcare data

Secure infrastructure and patient confidentiality with physical, technological, and administrative safeguards to protect sensitive information.

Implement cybersecurity policies to avoid data loss that may occur due to unexpected downtime. Use our proven processes such as such as data management and disaster recovery strategies for dealing with downtime. Create backup copies of critical health data and recover on granular level in minutes, anytime you want.

Impose controls on identifiers

Speed up research, boost innovation, share data in secure environment and aid collaboration in drug discovery for life sciences firms while enforcing controls to prohibit the release of confidential information.

Ensure secure medical communications in cloud and maintain privacy of patient’s information. TeamsHub.io encrypts files in real-time while transit and prevents access to identifiers or personally identifiable information.

Financial data security

Use latest encryption methods for medical billing, insurance claims and payment data protection for electronic transmission of data in healthcare-related transactions.

TeamsHub.io provides an additional layer of security to enable healthcare professionals have greater control over their cloud services. TeamsHub.io resolves prominent security issues by offering end-to-end encryption and other services to protect your sensitive financial data and raise organizational efficiency in virtual workspace. Additionally, a built-in monitoring and reporting system helps you to gauge vital data in real-time for efficient financial data control and management.

Empower remote workers and reduce workplace complexities

Mobile-safe collaboration

With robust and best in-class mobile platform, improve clinical communications, increase teamwork, and deliver better patient care. Embedded with advanced security controls, the platform enables workers to share vital messages over any device freely.
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Security in-transit

Gain complete control over your files or documents while sharing them with external parties or third-party contractors, track them, and revoke access on detecting suspicious activity.
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Advance access and audit controls

Implement policies that saves ePHI (Electronic Protected Health Information) data, from getting altered. Monitor data transfer activities and implement strict audit controls to limit access of ePHI to authorized personnel only.
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Simplified administration

Eliminate the need to perform complex programming and make it hassle-free for administrators to improve administrative workflows and manage org-wide operations efficiently.
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Smart insights

Gain smart insights on the real-time performance of your healthcare teams, measure the progress, and make informed decisions about the betterment and prospects of your organization.
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Easy to use and customizable

Use a simple and user-friendly collaboration platform for both, tech as well as non-tech users. Also, get it customized at your disposal as per your organization’s requirements.
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