Elevate process efficiency with automated governance

Compliment MS Teams with record keeping and information management system, save time and reduce the risk, and enable regulatory and industry compliance with quick discovery and instant access to information.

Manage information flow with automated governance

Define policies to follow teams’ nomenclature to maintain uniqueness of content and enhance findability of content using advanced search by narrowing it down using filters to get results of your choice.

Tag teams for better classification based on certain indicators such as their purpose, department, or location and label them according to their sensitivity and confidentiality to enforce protection through their travel.

Manage lifecycle of a team since its inception till termination by configuring expiration policies that will automatically archive or delete content when resources are not in use.

Generate actionable reports with smart insights in real-time and monitor user activities, platform usage, the files shared internally and externally, etc., to detect bottlenecks in collaboration and take quick action.

Improve information management and collaboration in Microsoft 365 workloads using MS Teams


Audit MS Teams events

Keep organizational structure on track by auditing recently created teams and channels, membership and role changes, changes in settings, file modifications, etc. to tighten security.

Integrate governance into processes

Enhance legal compliance and operational transparency to maximize the value of enterprise data by ensuring desirable behavior in the creation, storage, use, archival and deletion of information.

Metadata for data management

Automate records management using metadata for structure, organization, and identification of data to make it easy for teams to locate resources.

Bring intelligence into governance

Set standards for corporate behavior, improve collaboration and visibility of data by assimilating automation into Teams governance. Manage data security as well as quality for business continuity and growth.

Set retention period

Use retention policies to effectively manage enterprise data to deal with compliance issues or retain critical information for legal or industrial needs.

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