May 23, 2022

How reporting helps to drive Teams adoption and improve business value


Collaboration data delivers crucial insights into Teams activity. Activity tracking and monitoring is an important aspect of Teams administration to ensure continued productivity. Microsoft 365 offers variety of reports to check if users are fully engaged and utilizing the platform to its maximum potential. Using these reports, you can analyze collaboration data, visualize productivity pitfalls, and improve ways of working.

For example, if there is a user who never logged in to Teams, you can evangelize about useful features of Teams which will help them to complete their tasks efficiently. Thereby, providing better training, you can make immediate cost savings to your organization and increase ROI.

Further in this blog, we will explore more about reporting on Microsoft 365 to understand its impact on organization. Let’s begin –

Understanding your reporting goals

You can access extensive reports from Microsoft 365 admin center to determine how your teams are collaborating on the platform. This will give you a clear visibility on licenses that are still unused, Teams features that are underused and patterns that display unusual exchange of information. Gathering such insights, you should be able to devise a strategy to secure your cloud environment while elevating its usage. You can choose to derive Microsoft 365 reports on regular intervals such as daily, weekly, or monthly by setting a reminder in your calendar.

Now, let us see which reports you will find on this platform.

Microsoft 365 reports in the admin center

Depending upon your subscription, the following reports are available in all environments:

  • Microsoft browser usage
  • Email activity
  • Email apps usage
  • Mailbox usage
  • Office activations
  • Active Users
  • Microsoft 365 groups
  • Microsoft 365 Apps usage
  • OneDrive for Business user activity
  • Microsoft Teams device usage
  • Yammer activity
  • Yammer device usage
  • Yammer groups activity report
  • Forms activity
  • Dynamic 365 Customer Voice activity
  • Skype for Business Online activity
  • Skype for Business Online conference organized activity
  • Skype for Business Online peer-to-peer activity
  • Viva Learning activity

Out of the abundance of reports that can be generated in Microsoft 365, you can choose to download only those that match your services. Remember, reports are available for the last 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, and 180 days. Data won’t exist for all reporting periods right away. Hence, there is a time delay of 48 hours before reports become available to you.

Since Microsoft 365 reports provides you with user-level insights, you can easily understand user’s struggles in adopting the platform. You can extend the platform usage by encouraging people to access Teams via handheld devices such as smartphones, mobiles, tablets, etc.

Microsoft has come up with latest reporting features covering various aspects of collaboration which were only possible with PowerShell scripting before. However, while these reports are helpful, they only provide high-level statistics about your organization.

For example, there is no direct way to detect inactive or obsolete groups that are sitting idle in your environment. This restricts you to draw a definite conclusion about how progressive your teams are. Another issue that you will notice is that the Microsoft 365 reports cannot be produced in real-time. This hampers quick and effective decision making and creates a lag in situational awareness. Next, Teams user activity report cannot show you the trends older than 180 days.

Next-level reporting for MS Teams using

So far, we have observed both the advantages as well as limitations of Microsoft 365 reporting. Thankfully, using third-party tools such as, you can enhance reporting and analytics for Microsoft Teams and obtain granular workplace statistics in real-time.

We take pride in offering you an intuitive and detailed dashboard with the ability to detect inactive teams, archived teams, teams with no owners, and a plethora of other features. You can further monitor guest access and track files shared outside of your Teams environment to ensure greater security. combines intelligence to Teams platform to empower agile organizations and enable them to deliver accurate and informed business decisions via on-demand reporting. With smart analytics, you can generate detailed reports on types of coordination activities, top users, top teams, teams inventory, installed apps, device usage, audit logs, etc., in a couple of clicks. You can also configure automatic scheduling of report generation periodically without having to add a reminder. Moreover, you don’t need to navigate multiple admin panels anymore to fetch various reports; displays it all on one common interface!

For greater usability, reporting feature provides critical insights into other tools such as SharePoint, Yammer, Planner, etc., also that exist in your tenant. In a nutshell, offers insights far beyond Microsoft 365 reports to let you extract full value of your Teams data and improve collaboration.

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