Organizations should focus on


How Teams are requested, approved and created



How information access and containers are managed

Information lifecycle

Information Lifecycle

How to retain, expire and dispose of information as appropriate

Automated Governance for Microsoft Teams

Our Microsoft Teams Governance Features

Our Govern features help your organization  define and execute the rules for Microsoft Teams governance. This results in achieving better administrative controls and  frictionless end user adoption

Site Provisioning and Lifeccycle management

Site Provisioning and Lifecycle Management

Automate team requests and creation using templates, approval workflows and dynamic forms using custom metadata columns

Manage how Teams are named using  a managed blocked words list and custom  policies

Control the expiry, retention and disposal of Teams based on usage and activity

Classify similar teams together using hubs

Bulk Update

Bulk Update

Allow multiple teams to be edited and updated together easing the administrative burden and improving efficiency

Updates can include team owners, members, and other privacy options as well as relevant meta-data

Classify similar teams with relevant tags

External Sharing

External Sharing

Allow team owners to enable sharing data outside the organization

Data shared externally can be viewed by administrators in a single report or dashboard for compliance monitoring

Prevent data leaks and sensitive information from being shared by using  Azure Information Protection, Information Rights Management and Data Loss Prevention


Get the answers you need from
the features that have them

How can I find usage for “Project Falcon”?  Who still has access to last quarter’s budget spreadsheet? For the hard-to-know questions,  find the information quickly to make correct decisions

Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Up the search quotient to the next level using advanced search to find obscure information

Fast and powerful search functionality to narrow down exact information using criteria, filters and tags

Save your most frequently used searches as favorites or hubs

Reports and Analytics


Dashboards for a quick snapshot of the happenings in the Teams universe

Detailed and interactive reporting based on various criteria such as usage, engagement, adoption

Auto schedule and email reports for daily, weekly or monthly details to select recipients

We automate governance to make it simple and efficient

Newsletter and Announcements

Newsletter and Announcements


Auto-schedule notifications and announcements  to intended audiences


Administrator Dashboard




Real time command and control center to measure performance and make informed business decisions


Document Trkacing

 Azure Information



Track documents shared within and outside the organization.


Direct Voice



Enable a geographically distributed workforce with voice routing configurations


and Tags


Create, classify and manage tags for teams based on various organizational criteria

Governance Simplified

Our powerful Microsoft Teams-based platform helps to manage your Microsoft 365 investments by automating governance and simplifying administration to govern your workforce and achieve more. Streamline your technologies to achieve and deliver an unparalleled IT experience by enabling and improving efficiency of business operations in no time. Our platform can deliver MS 365 Governance for various workloads such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, Planner, and Project Online to maximize collaboration efficiency and increase productivity.

Balance effective administration and workforce productivity

Our platform is built for the modern workplace that integrates intelligent cloud applications, advanced security features, and better administrative controls to provide administrators, stakeholders and end-users an engaging environment.

We enable organizations to be agile and nimble by providing a simple and uncomplicated design interface, data classification and advanced search to locate information. We also provide ease of use by automating approvals for multiple users requests and large data volumes by building custom forms and bot based worklows. Finally, a simplified and prebuilt dashboard helps monitor and respond to the adoption, governance controls and user behavior.

Help users adopt new systems and maximize ROI

Accelerate user adoption and engagement using simple rule based automated governance. Avoid information overload, shadow IT, content sprawl and overlapping goals by keeping Microsoft 365 workloads aligned with policies and procedures. Ensure everyone adopts the new tool in the most efficient way with governance built right for Microsoft 365.

Automate Business and Operations

Automate your business processes and streamline operations for –

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced time and costs
  • Improved quality of work
  • Greater visibility
  • Improved operational stability
  • Overall employee satisfaction
  1. Empower end-users with self-service – Self-provisioning combined with automated rules engine lets users take ownership and equal stakeholders thus reducing IT overhead
  2. Discover information with ease – Organize content across Microsoft 365 workloads with appropriate name classifications, tags and labelsenabling quick discovery
  3. Enjoy collaboration with external partners- Invite external users to work with your team and deliver business results without any fear of data breach using advanced security leveraging the best of Microsoft 365 and Azure features

Integrate Apps

  1. Improve your teams’ productivity with apps – MS Teams, Yammer, Planner, SharePoint, OneNote and more to let them work together on one common platform.
  2. Promote collaboration between team members- Allow usersto brainstorm, share views to provide solutions and innovate.

Simplify IT Administration

Allow administrators to effectively monitor the activities carried out in their respective teams, restrict access to sensitive company data, pull out real-time reports on the activities, usage and performance of your teams, manage teams’ lifecycles  or dispose them on expiration, and detect abnormalities that can hinder the productivity of employees and company’s goals.

Unleash unified communications as a platform

  1. Stay connected and work flawlessly together anywhere, anytime via instant messaging, chats, meetings, voice & video calls, etc.
  2. Configure Teams voice features such as PSTN usage, dial plans, Direct Routing and more from a user-friendly interface.
  3. Integrate unified communications apps – Use Microsoft or third party devices to to ultra-modernize communication services in your cloud ecosystem.

Built using Microsoft for Government standards

  1. Compliant for US public sectors – FTI, CJIS, DISA Level 2 security solutions
  2. Prevent pervasive cyberattacks with proactive monitoring.
  3. Track user behaviour, locate misuse of information and seal-off ecosystem from unauthorized access.
  4. Identify sensitive information by defining policies with IRM, DLP and more and secure valuable assets from exploitation.

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