February 21, 2021

Benefits of Microsoft 365 Governance Automation


Microsoft Teams governance may get hectic when managing a plethora of cloud applications, services, and workloads around countless teams is done manually. Moreover, collecting, crunching, and analyzing data repeatedly for numerous business operations gets monotonous and poses the risk of human errors.

Automation can help eliminate mundane and manual error-prone tasks and maximize flexibility and efficiency in governance approach. Now, let us discuss how automation can benefit your organization in several ways by streamlining processes effortlessly:

Top 10 benefits of M365 governance automation

  1. Automation offers you a unified overview of your M365 environment and can help visualize everything with real-time notifications and updates through a powerful dashboard and analytics stream.
  2. Using automation can help tweak and develop custom governance rules as per business mandates over a period of time. You can easily enhance MS Teams security, set policies and compliance standards for Teams environment without using a line of code. This further can be expanded to include other M365 workloads such as Yammer, SharePoint, Planner and OneDrive.
  3. Automation minimizes cost by simplifying IT and administrative tasks which are manual. Assign your valued resources in high-ROI projects.
  4. Automation controls the haphazard way of content requests, creation, and information overload making it easy for your employees to collaborate freely under organizational boundaries. Collaborate securely even while sharing files externally with predefined security and rights management.
  5. Automation decreases workload complexities, eases lifecycle management of M365 workloads, detects orphaned or ownerless placeholders and content containers, exposes inactive and irrelevant teams, sites, and drives, as well as improving resource consumption.
  6. Automation lets you schedule and send periodic notifications, alerts announcements, etc. to users using standardized email templates.
  7. Automation enables the classification and categorization of content and containers based on their sensitivity and privacy by customizing security settings.
  8. Automation allows you to integrate your favorite apps and other workloads with Microsoft Teams to configure flexible workflows and eliminate diversion.
  9. Using automation, you can integrate bots and virtual agents such as ServiceNow with MS Teams to reduce the number of the service desk and IT requests.
  10. Automation lets you update across multiple workloads such as add or remove owners, members, tags, etc. with a single click for quick and easy management of teams.


After M365 deployment, your organization may experience an explosion of teams, sites, or drives; a plethora of M365 apps, and tons of shared files and content internally and externally. Although these are healthy signs that indicate an excellent rate of user adoption, it will increase governance complexities if done manually which may soon turn into an IT administrator’s or department’s ordeal.

We, at Cyclotron, understand these governance challenges which eventually leads to a jarring user experience gradually bringing productivity to a grind. To resolve it, we present to you our automation software, TeamsHub.io – a perfect solution for all your collaboration needs.

TeamsHub.io not only automates M365 governance using Microsft Teams and simplifies administration but provides profound opportunities to accelerate user engagement and level up overall productivity, all in a protected environment.

If you want to learn more about TeamsHub.io, please visit https://teamshub.io or contact sales@cyclotrongroup.com to request a demo

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